31 July 2007

Newsday: NJ body is that of missing NYC artist

July 31, 2007, 2:29 PM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) A body found by a New Jersey fisherman last month was that of artist Jeremy Blake, the New York Police Department confirmed Tuesday. Police believe Blake, 35, committed suicide on July 17 by drowning himself at Rockaway Beach in Queens. He disappeared a week after his girlfriend, filmmaker Theresa Duncan, 40, committed suicide in their East Village apartment. [Newsday]

Ok so this should squelch some of the conspiracy theorists. Honestly, learning Blake has turned up now I feel like everyone is overestimating these two and ruling out love. Maybe Theresa was paranoid about this or that, fact is she took her life and Jeremy couldn't deal with being alone so he walked into the ocean and never came out. Lets not make these two into something they weren't. I doubt either of them were above these simple visceral emotions, doesn't matter how intellectual their "blogs" were or how much Sheldrake and Kafka she read.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is beacause I am skimming, but I have missed why you keep referring to Jeremy Blake as Jeremy Burke. Could you please clarify?

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Gotham City Insider said...

How utterly odd. A Freudian slip perhaps, I have a friend named Burke. I hadn't realised I'd been doing it so rampantly until you pointed it out. Thank you!