18 July 2007

NYC gets Animal Style!

Rumour has it the immaculately clean, disgustingly friendly, devout christian In-N-Out burger chain is finally coming to NYC. Great, now I'm starving!

Ooh, I have many an In-N-Out story but heres a good one. We were at some In-N-Out HQ where they had a separate gift shop next door; it was more like a seperate gift building really where they had In-N-Out emblazoned everything. We were way out west on tour and it was like a week or two before xmas so I had xmas gifts on my mind and wanted to buy a few In-N-Out shirts; a real classy gift I thought. So we're all looking at shirts and whatever, unfolding everything and making a mess; when we realise one of the slobs in our crew has ketchup all over their pants and now the ketchup has gone all over every starched gleaming white shirt we've been touching. We quietly left like meek little mice and laughed. Maybe the next tourists that came thought they were supposed to come with a souvenir ketchup stain. "Look Honey, this one comes with a piece of a french fry on the collar!"

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