19 July 2007

Odds & Ends, Lips & Assholes

  • Yo son my Hummer got dissed by them environmentalists, yo. A 32-year-old Eminem lookalike living with his mother in an upscale Washington neighborhood had his $40K, 12mpg, 7' tall monster Hummer demolished by those lovable eco-vandals just 5 days after he brought the thing home. Whatever. I'm sure the kids that did the damage live with their parents too and are equally as guilty of all sorts of "eco-atrocities". Fuck everybody, yo. Video is here, son!

  • Wackariffic NY "comedian" Mark Malkoff (who?) decided to visit and order something from 171 NYC Starbucks locations in 24 hours. Problem is there are 175 Starbucks in NYC. Better luck next time, you zany douche.

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