05 July 2007

Overheard at the Pizza Wagon

There is a very select type of character who hangs out at the take-out summer window of a pizzeria long after he's finished his slice. These creatures are not unlike those who one might find riding the B37 at 11:30 AM on a Tuesday. However on this trip to the pizza window, it wasn't the customers but a few employees who had my attention.

One delivery guy talking to another delivery guy...

Driver #1: Chain-smoking, 17 years old, Toyota Solara in bus stop
Driver #2: Middle-Eastern descent, 30-something, mumbles

Driver #1 {Looking at #2 counting money in his wallet}: "Whaddya got there? 80 bucks?! You know what you should do with that... Take your wife to dinner with that. Have a nice dinner. Take her to the top of the Empire State Building. A nice diner."

Driver #2: {mumbles incoherently}

Driver #1: "You know what you should do? Go to Iraq and translate."

Driver #2: {looks up from his wallet like a puppy dog}

Driver #1: "I can go over there right now and make $200,000 even though I'm 17. $200,000 just to translate Arabic. You go live over there."

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