31 July 2007

Save The Home Run Apple!

This reminds me of the Stonehenge stage prop debacle from Spinal Tap...

With the new colossal Shea Stadium Citi Field construction making progress towards Opening Day 2009, there's a movement brewing to save the home run apple as it currently exists at Shea Stadium in all its hokey Queens glory.

Let's face it, the thing is like 4 feet tall, John Franco was taller than this thing; it's dented to shit and it looks like it was made out of paper mache for a 5th grade play at a school somewhere in Corona.

SaveTheApple.com has an online petition, currently with 162 signatures (LOOK OUT!), to Mets ownership. Good luck, boys.

MetsBlog says the prospects for the Shea apple are grim. It may be replaced by a more elaborate apple with the current one auctioned off for charity, or perhaps sold for parts to one of the chop shops across the street. I'd love to see a new '09 version of the home run apple, now that would be hysterical. A revamped home run apple!

I'd really love to see that old hunk of spray painted scrap metal in the outfield of this brand new state-of-the-art stadium. It would be SO Queens and SO perfectly Mets... like building a mansion and furnishing it with plastic furniture.

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