17 July 2007

So I was at the bagel store the other day, Saturday I think. Girl comes in, she wants a pickle. She's going to the beach. Says how lucky we are to have a beach so close. But she wasn't talking about Coney Island, she was talking about Bath Beach or Manhattan Beach, not sure which but something in that area because she said "I just go down 60th street". She wanted the pickle in one of those plastic containers normally reserved for potato salad or some sort of slaw. She didn't want the pickle in a "plastic baggy" because she "didn't want pickle juice gettin' all ova my kaw". It was a wonderful moment. The guy sliced the pickle into 700 little pieces like you would for an infant and stuffed them all inside a little deli salad container. Outside her boyfriend was waiting, in the passenger seat, windows rolled up, AC blasting in a brand new tan Mercedes S550. I'm not down with dudes who sit shotgun while their girls drive, it just looks weird to me. I guess I'm old fashioned that way. Unless she didn't want him driving her car, the dude should drive; especially if she's gonna eat a pickle and drive! Either way, these two were off to Bath Avenue to eat pickles on the Russian shore while I was off to The Hamptons. Lowe's.

Meanwhile... Across town...

The White-Russian Shore Muddler: In Sweden, its native land, this creature is known as the "Vitrysk Strandmuddlare". It can be found in the region of Zscicvzoskaija. The shore-muddler first came to the attention of the general public when it was displayed in the Göteborg Museum in April of 1960. The creature is remarkable because it appears to combine the head of a baby pig, the tail of a squirrel, and the feet of a water fowl.

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