30 July 2007

Total Twilight Zone

OK, I am 100% fascinated with this story. It just keeps getting more and more weird.

Go here, now... This is Not a Game: The Mysterious Death of Theresa Duncan

Now there are people speculating that Theresa Duncan never even existed and this is all some elaborate piece of performance art - which I know is BS because there is documentation that she lived & died in New York City, but whatever, let the bloggers, blog...

This is my theory as of 2 PM on Monday:

Maybe Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake were being hounded, stalked & threatened by the CoS. We certainly know the CoS is more than capable of doing this as it has been documented. But possibly the couples' own paranoia became a juggernaut of a self-fulfilling prophecy as they dug deeper into their own suspicions - sort of like e-diagnosing yourself at 3 o'clock in the morning, deciding you have some some rare terminal illness but its actually only a mosquito bite - the internet can really promote that sort of thing, without a doubt it can certainly be a rabbit hole for the insane or the people willing to fall into its depths.

Theresa and Jeremy may very well have been delusional but with good reason. The CoS is capable of this stuff... Still, who knows. I'd never even heard of these two artists and I don't swim in a circle that far from their pond - so what would the CoS or the C.I.A. want to do with two virtually unknown artists? This wasn't like Joseph McCarthy on a witchhunt, ordering movie stars into court; this wasn't the CoS going after some well-known celebs... I don't think they'd be killing people that most wouldn't even have heard of until learning of their demise.

"There is a lot more to say, this is just an interim report. I have to admit I’m at a loss to explain Theresa Duncan’s death and the more I re-read her blog and admire its remarkable elan vital, erudition and excitement about art, literature, love and life, the more mysterious her death appears." Truly.

Either way, this is truly a rabbit hole of a story on the internerd right now; a virtual labyrinth of hearsay and rumours; its literally like a posthumous scavenger hunt or some sort of morbid choose your own adventure game. It's très bizarre and overall it's quite tragic and sad, no matter how you dissect it... whether it is some yet-to-be unraveled conspiracy or if its simply the classic Romeo & Juliet tale of two lovers who couldn't live without each other... I feel a bit guilty being so fascinated with the death of two people but I can't help it.

When you grab that torch you call a mouse, make sure you read all the comments to these blog posts because therein hides a lot of clues; there are a lot of people out there reading and living vicariously who may or may not really know whats up; don't dismiss an anonymous comment, it could wind up to be the only one that mattered.

Theresa's blog has just been updated by Glenn O'Brien.

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Anonymous said...

Like a lot of people I've totally been caught up in the mysterious nature of theresa's and jeremy's tragic demise. Growing up in DC I traveled in the same punk rock circles that jeremy had and do remember going to several parties at theresa's apartment. I will say when they got together, it seemed to make a lot of sense. They were both master salespeople, putting on aires and ready to reinvent themselves as intellectuals. I doubt there was a single thing they did that wasn't planned out or calculated and they were well rewarded. Their good looks certainly didn't hurt. Far be it from me to speak ill of the dead, but this entire affair really has the earmarks of drug induced paranoia, like meth perhaps. Hmmm, one wonders how such places like rock star games keep their employees running at optimal levels.