27 July 2007

What will I be remembered for? Did I make them laugh? Did I make her cry? Did I try too hard? Did I say the wrong things at exactly the right time? Did I write too much? Did I write too little? Did I spend too much time on one idea when I should’ve exhausted another? Was I distracted by my own kaleidoscopic thought patterns; the never ceasing chain of ideas? Was I paralyzed by my own restlessness? Or was I lazy? Did I give up? Did I do the right thing? Did I say what I meant? Did I find enough music? Did I miss a band I would’ve loved? Did I make her happy? Did I make him proud? Did I tell him about that one thing that one time? Is my greatest love already in life? Is it who I think it is? Did I make the most of my traveling? Did I appreciate what I’d been given? Did I enjoy the spoils of what I’d worked so hard for?

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