18 July 2007

What's the deal with the escalator guys at Costco? Their job is to simply drag your giant shopping cart onto the magnetic flat escalator for you?! Is there special training for this technique? Did something go horribly wrong once that now we need escalator cart chauffeurs for this dangerous maneuver?

I'm sure Costco isn't paying them very much but I assume they wouldn't be paying them at all if it weren't necessary. I'm not looking to take away anybodys job but I don't see the point and they always look quite exasperated.

No one grabs my wagon at Saks but at Costco we get white glove shopping cart service!? But hey, it's fine with me. Hands free time means eat peanut butter filled pretzels by the gallon time! Let's see how many I can eat before we get to the second floor!

And I love how people can't take their eyes off their cart while its away from them on the separate escalator, a mere 3 feet away. Like that 500 count box of Hot Pockets is going to vanish if you turn away for a moment. It's kinda like watching your car go through a car wash; you're so proud of it; little excited golf claps like you're watching your kid play little league for the first time... People are fucking weird.

Rollins once did a whole bit about if you happen to get the wing seat on a plane; you feel like for the duration of that flight, its your responsibility to man that wing with your eyes; never take your eyes off that fucking wing. As if when flames started shooting out of it, or it fell off, there'd be something you could do to assist besides screaming. Watching your shopping cart filled with 600 lbs. of homemade cherry pies and cheese wheels is very much the same thing. Are you going to dive over the railing if it somehow wiggles lose from its magnetic embrace? Are you gonna take the dive for that industrial tub of deli mustard? Do you feel lucky?

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