26 July 2007

What's left of Baghdad?

Well, to the left of Baghdad is Jordan and Syria but that's not what I mean. I mean what's left of this city? How could anything remain of this pre-Islamic village?

Every night for the past 4 years it seems I fall asleep to the tender coo of Paul Guanzon, 1010 WINS' overnight news anchor, reporting about another suicide bombing in Baghdad not to mention Baghdad being the epicenter of violent conflict of the ongoing Iraq War.

Baghdad dates back to the year 762. The city was designed as a circle leading it to be known as the "Round City". So let's talk about size. The city of Baghdad is approximately 78.8 square miles whereas Brooklyn, New York is 96.9 square miles. Brooklyn is bigger than Baghdad.

So my naive question to the world is this: How is there anything still left standing in Baghdad? What is there left to blow up? What is left of this city after 4 years of non-stop bombing either from the U.S. or from their own people in suicide bombings? I simply cannot imagine it. Either the news is fucking up their tallies or Baghdad is a virtual ghost town and even the few ghosts there are in danger of being blown to bits.

Every night I hear on the radio... another 6 died here, another 12 died at a market there, another 30 died here... and its all in Baghdad! For 4 YEARS! NON STOP!

What the fuck is left ?! How is this possible? Am I missing something?

Brooklyn would look like New Mexico by now with all this non-stop bombing. Can somebody hit me with some knowledge?! Am I just being completely naive?

Either way, come to the light and go read Salam Pax's book ASAP if you've been cave dwelling for the past few years. His original blog is long gone - and basically became his book - but his second blog circa 2006 is still up and running and equally intriguing.

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