26 July 2007

White Stripes hid tunes inside couches?

According to Jack White, he recorded an as-yet unheard song on a record back in 2004 and hid it inside a couch.

He had 100 records pressed up with this secret song and hid them all inside 100 pieces of furniture to celebrate his friend Brian Muldoon's 25th year of upholstering in Detroit. Woooo! I guess Jack used to work for Brian upholstering shit back in the dizzay.

Says White, "We put 100 records in 100 pieces during 2004, and maybe, one day, they'll be found. This is a record no one has ever heard and maybe will never hear, but it's a nice time capsule. I'm sure a lot of upholsterers would open up a chair, pull out that record and throw it away, so that's the funny part about it."

Yeah, hysterical and such a well-fabled fib methinks. This sounds like something I would've made up and posted on alt.music.hardcore back in the day.

First thing imma gonna do when I get home is slash open my Horchow and I hope I find that 7''.

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