28 August 2007

Art is bullshit save for Realism

Well, it's not bullshit but its subjective; the beauty and the concept of talent. Realism is like the mathematics of art; it's indisputable. There's no subjectivity. Its art that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see. It is what it is. It be what it be. Ya heard?

I'm not sure when or why I came to this realisation but I think its a fairly solid theory. I don't think its naive at all. Let it sink in for a minute and you'll agree. Trust me.

Can we even compare Rembrandt to Pollock? They're both beloved artists though, right? And that's whats so wild about "art". I suppose the same could certainly be said for music: Some people like Whitehouse and some people like CĂ©line Dion. It ain't my problem. And really that's a can of worms I'm not ready to crack open just yet. One theory at a time.

"These days" we have digital cameras. We have Photoshop which can turn pictures of our stupid cats into rugs and paintings on canvases; but back then they didn't have shit.

Realists have a true, amazing talent. To take a blank canvas and virtually paint a photograph of what stands before you is beyond compare.

To take a blank canvas and throw some haphazard splotches of ink on it can certainly be just as beautiful to a lot of people but it's not a talent that can really be judged or compared to anything else - which is a wonderful thing about "art" - its also quite confusing.

Who says whats good and whats not? Who plays god? Someone, somewhere is dictating what you and I will see as new "art". Why is so-and-so's black splat on a tusk white canvas on display at the Guggenheim and not the other guys black splat? Why is they sky blue? Why do we park in a driveway but drive on a parkway? Who's got the pot?

In closing I'm not quite sure what my point is save for the fact that realism is not subjective while every other form of "art" is. Art is beauty in the eye of the beholder, as is talent. And don't argue subjectivity with me because my head will explode. I'd much rather lay on my back in a field and discuss whether or not there could be an entire other world living underneath my fingernail.

My mind has now wandered to the chorus of some Erykah Badu song I just heard which sounds exactly like A.Z.'s "Sugar Hill". What gives?

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