06 August 2007

Brooklyn has the best pizza. End of story. Bay Ridge in particular. With very honorable mentions to L&B Spumoni Gardens (2725 86th Street), Lenny & John's (2036 Flatbush Ave) and Bronx Pizza (111 Washington Street) in San Diego!

I was gonna dive into a whole tirade about Papa John's invading the Boroughs but why bother? If you're here, you should know the deal. I shouldn't have to tell you why ordering from a Papa John's, when you live in New York City, is a mortal sin. Papa John's is for towel snappin' frat boys in the Midwest; its decent college campus pizza.

A don't get me started on this fugazy Domino's "Brooklyn Style Pizza". Fugedabodit, I get ageda just thinking about that commercial.

* Next up: Bagels.


Anonymous said...

Bay Ridge does have some great pizza. I miss Lento's though!!!!!
But Bay Ridge has got Ninos, Casa Calamri, Grandmas, Rocco's, Original, Papas, Pizza Wagon... and theyre all good!!!!! its the water. NY water makes the best pizza and bagels.

Unknown said...

you know i back grandmas