29 August 2007

Bum out at Burning Man

Just yesterday I was talking about Burning Man. Well, speak of the devil... Turns out some dude sabotaged the thing and set it on fire before they were ready for the big festival finale and all the acid in the world ain't gonna bring it back.

Bare-chested drum-slapping execs hallucinating from skunk peyote are surely bummed out this morning.

Some dude named Paul Addis, 35, of San Francisco was booked on charges of arson, possession of fireworks, destruction of property and resisting a public officer.

In his mug shot, Addis grins, his face covered with red, black and silver paint.

I guess Addis is part of some wacky production team for "Gonzo, a Brutal Chrysalis". Which is a show about the life of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Addis uses the alias "B. Duke" and is identified as a "freelance counter-intelligence operative" on the show's website. Uh, ok.

picture of your boy, the jackal Paul Addis

"Someone went to a great extent to interfere with everyone else's "burn". I think, frankly, an attention whore has made a plea for attention," a defiant Burning Man volunteer named Ranger Sasquatch told the San Francisco Chronicle. "In three days, we will have this rebuilt."

Read more about it here: Burners Plan to Resurrect the Man After Arson Shocks the Playa

Somewhat related: SIRIUS Satellite Radio today announced the launch of the highly anticipated Grateful Dead Channel.... All Grateful Dead, All the time.

You can't see me right now but I'm so making the gun-in-my-mouth hand gesture.

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