07 August 2007


When I was a kid I always found it strangely creepy to see the puppeteers come out from behind the curtain after a puppet show and talk to the audience. The same went for a guy behind a mask or whatever. I don't know why. I guess it was just something about this person being hidden, concealing himself and deceiving you for the sake of entertainment and then revealing himself to you. It always creeped me out. Especially the puppeteers. Its sort of like not knowing what people look like who are on the radio and then seeing them: the face you've imagined hardly ever matches the voice.

But I never cared about clowns. I'm indifferent when it comes to them, however, I find it SO very annoying when people CLAIM they are deathly afraid of clowns. It seems like such a fake fear; a souped-up "interesting" phobia. Like "Oooh, I know. I'll tell everyone I'm afraid of clowns! How odd!" Oh, will you just shut the fcuk up!?

I think I've always had an aversion to the faux-weird; the people who meticulously act a certain way to come off as strange or odd.

Think about your stupid friends who claim they're "deathly afraid" of clowns. Chances are they'll take any chance they have to remind you how "deathly afraid" of clowns they are. They need to express their phobia because its a bullshit phobia and since phobias are normally things you keep to yourself, what good is a zany bullshit phobia if you don't blab about it every chance you're given? Their fauxbia simply doesn't exist unless they talk about it and perpetuate their wacky myth.

I'd say if 10 people are claiming they're afraid of clowns, only 3 of them actually are. I mean aside from "It" / John Wayne Gacy whats your fucking problem? It's such a total cliché. Like "Ooooh this thing thats supposed to make people happy... well, it makes me scared and sad. How fucking wacky am I? Aren't I simply nuts?"

The moral of the story is: a lot of people are very, very dumb.


Anonymous said...

what about clown fetishes?
how do you rate those, justin?

Anonymous said...

How do I "rate" them? I dunno. Ask www.duckydoolittle.com

- Justin