29 August 2007

Dear Santa,

Ultimate Ears UE-11 Earphones
Bespoke suits, custom-made shirts... — nothing bought off the rack can match the like-a-glove fit and comfort of customised men's wear. The same perfection holds for customised in-ear monitors: earphones that require a visit to (or from) an audiologist to make a wax impression of the canals to shape precise molds, resulting in intrusive, yet perfectly comfortable 'buds.

UE's $1,150 phones are the company's most sophisticated pro models yet, housing not a double but a quad armature speaker configuration with a three-way crossover. The results — delivered via dual subwoofers, a midrange driver, and a tweeter directly into your eardrum — is the most precise sound capable short of a miniaturised Bob Dylan living in your brain. Ultimate Ears UE-11

The modPod Egg Chair (a.k.a. modPod)
Be surrounded by sound. A comfortable chair ideal for sound immersion — hence, the iPod integration with surround sound speakers. There is something special about the Egg Chair that reaches out and makes people smile as soon as they see the famous shape. Ever since the debut of the original at 1964 World's Fair in Flushing, NY this design has fascinated the public on many levels. The sleek design that was cutting edge in the 1960's is still modern but with retro appeal as well. The chair has devoted followers around the world not just because of its timeless design but thanks to the entertainment experience captured within. Whether with just the surround sound speakers or with the optional tactile transducer, the listening experience inside the Egg Chair is unlike any other...detailed, immersive, visceral and I bet cozy as fuck. These chairs are made in the United States by skilled fiberglass molders and expert fabric upholsterers. They are crafted from durable and authentic quality materials, designed to last for years and years. These chairs are considered custom, since they are built at the time they are ordered, and are not stocked in any fabric. Each chair is custom upholstered in a choice of fabric, adding to the appeal/cost; a model with shaken-not-stirred rumble action goes for $1,800. modPod Egg Chair

Get her out of my chair please with those cuffs

"Optional Matching Ottoman"

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