01 August 2007

Eau de Warhol

I've always wanted to smell like Andy Warhol and now my dream has come true! - truth be told, I've sort of stumbled into options paralysis here. There are so many jokes I can make and ways I can go with this that I'm actually frozen...

"The king of pop art will have his own fragrance thanks to perfumer Bond No. 9. The US perfume manufacturer plans to release a new fragrance to honor Warhol. Named the Andy Warhol Silver Factory, it will be released in time for Christmas with a release date of December 1... In addition to the Warhol scent, Bond No.9 will also be releasing two Saks Fifth Avenue scents, namely Saks Fifth Avenue for Her and Saks Fifth Avenue for Him. The For Him version will go on the market on September 1, while For Her will be released on October 1st " [CareFair.com]

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