26 August 2007

Fires in Greece, WTF ?!

A 65-year-old man has been charged with arson and murder relating to a fire which killed six people in Areopolis, in the far south of Greece.

Two youths were also detained on suspicion of arson in the northern city of Kavala.

There are fears for the ancient ruins of Olympia, a world heritage site and home to the first Olympics, as Greece's devastating forest fires close in.

Water-bombing planes are trying to suppress the flames near the site, and nearby villages have been evacuated.

More than 50 people have died since fires burst out on Friday. They are still burning and nearing villages in the south, on islands and near Athens.

The Greek PM has implied that many fires were started deliberately.

Greek fires claim more than 15 deaths, state of emergency declared

Desperate people called television and radio stations pleading for help that they feared would not arrive in time.

"I can hear the flames outside my door," one caller from the village of Andritsena told a Greek television station. "There is no water anywhere. There is no help. We are alone."

This is fucked.


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