02 August 2007

From WUSB's D-Kline's Top 10 for 1997

9) Indecision-@ the Lindenhurst Civic Center, December 13th.
One of the coolest things I've ever read about was Eldridge Cleaver (who almost almost almost got to the third life that Alice Walker wrote about) getting 500 Catholic School girls, in 1968, to shout
'Fuck Ronald Reagan!' Well, it was just 1997, and the demons certainly aren't the same. But there ARE some dragons worth slaying, and THE AMERICAN RELIGION is definitely one of them. So one of the coolest things I've ever seen was at the Indecision show at the Lindenhurst Civic Center, where, when the band played 'Purgatory,' about 300 kids, aged 15-23, were all shouting 'No Heaven! No Hell!' There just might be hope for the future!!!

2) Milhouse-@ Deja 1, November 29th.
Some will tell you that it's the blood. That there's always blood. That blood is compulsory. Not on this night. Sure, there was blood, but the blood was secondary, if not even tertiary. No, what made this, and almost all Milhouse performances, great was the tension, and the passion. And the intense-ness. The feeling that at any moment, anything could happen. This feeling carried right up through the last song, 'Insect colony,' where, as lead singer, Artie Phillie, and guitarist, Brian Meehan, were trading off on the last vocal,
'RELENTLESS', the song seemed to recapture itself and double-up in intensity. And then attention was thrown stage-right, where guitarist J stopped strumming, reached out into the crowd, grabbed somebody by the shirt, twisted it and pulled the kid off the ground and up to his face where he'd shout the vocal (I guess) into this kid's face. Then he threw the kid back out and resumed playing. Then again he stopped strumming, reached out, grabbed some kid by the shirt, twisted and pulled, shouted in the kid's face, and threw the kid back down into the crowd. INTENSE!

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