16 August 2007

Happy Birthday Madonnaface + Origin of the "Cougar"

Madge turns 49 today! Holla! it look good on ya.

The term "cougar" is one of my personal favourites. It makes me laugh nearly every time I hear it. But where the F did it come from? Where did it start?

Definition of "cougar" from the Urban Dictionary

Cougar refers to an older woman, usually in her late 30's or 40's who sexually pursues younger men.

While the term may have first appeared in Canada, possibly originating as a reference to British Columbia settler "Cougar Annie" (so called because she shot many cougars in the vicinity), who was married to someone significantly younger than herself, it may very well also derive from "Mrs. Robinson" from the movie The Graduate where the elder Anne Bancroft seduces the just-out-of-college Dustin Hoffman.

In The Graduate, Mrs. Robinson wears clothes with animal print motifs, including the skin patterns of predatory felines... it is tempting to consider that character & her wardrobe as a possible origin for the slang "cougar."

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Unknown said...

what about the christopher walken saturday night live census skit where he says his wife is a cougar? That, I believe, would be the first known reference to what would be presumed to have been a woman as a cougar.