15 August 2007

Hullabaloo; Cockatoo search and rescue

So I get home and I'm about sit down to a nice, quiet dinner (Diet Rite cola and organic baby carrots) and I see there is a girl in my backyard. First I thought she was one of these sketchy garbage pickers that sort of lurk and always look like they're up to something a bit more clandestine than collecting cans. So I ask her what she's doing back there. Turns out her bird is up in one of the trees in my backyard. Her sister got into a fight with her boyfriend and somehow someone let the bird out the window in a fit of rage. How FUCKED UP is that?!! Its one of those white mohawked house birds; a cockatoo I think. Poor thing has probably never been in a tree before, ever. Those birds are raised in captivity to be sold as caged house birds, which is sad and another whole can of worms but lets not get off course here. So the girl, forlorn, in my backyard is just standing there, in olive green pants and a tan hemp-cotton raincoat, like she's in the front row at the movie theater, staring straight up this giant tree. The bird is way, way up pacing back and forth on a branch and has been there since 10:30 this morning. I saw the girl around 7:30 this evening. She's got treats, which my dog really, really wanted, and the birds cage and some other cockatoo search and rescue equipment. It's starting to get dark now and I don't know what she's going to do. She seems at peace, like Pocahontas. I said "I'd be freaking out" and she said "Yes, but freaking out isn't going to get my bird out of the tree". OK, relax Gandhi. I offered to have my dog climb the tree and fetch the bird but she wasn't into the idea. Who the fuck has the peace of mind during a fight to let a bird out a window? That's some real spiteful, premeditated shit. Like, oh, next time I get into an argument with this beeotch, I'm gonna let her SISTER'S bird out of her cage! That's just fucked. I'll keep you posted. Check back later. I just peered out my Venetians and she's still there, looking up. My neck would be killing me. I really feel bad for this girl and her bird. This must be very traumatic for them both. Ugh. No good, no good.

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Anonymous said...

is that really a picture of the bird in question?!?!? this story is TOTALLY fucked up. please keep me updated.