01 August 2007

Has anyone seen Pete Steele?

This is great. There's a dude people have dubbed "He-Man". I guess he's over 6 feet tall, tanned, muscular and well oiled, walks around shirtless, wears a choker collar and has a mullet.

So now there's a website for this new sidewalk celebrity where you can track his whereabouts and discuss his seemingly omnipresent legend. Naturally theres also a few photos of this elusive man; I happen to love the surveillance photos where it looks like someone was actually hiding in a bush taking photos of this dude. Be on the look out for him!

I would love for He-Man to find the snarky dude who made this site and beat his ass though.

He-Man uses his superpowers to know better than to eat something from Così. Watch as he walks right by and decides to search elsewhere for berries and grain.

He-Man seems perplexed at the 2-item Shake Shack menu.

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