16 August 2007

Hullabaloo; Cockatoo search and rescue UPDATE

For those of you following this harrowing tale, I can give you this update:

Night fell and the cockatoo was still high up in the branches. Now and then she squawked, she paced, but she would not come down.

I awake this morning and what did I see?
A man calling "Peekaboo" in a falsetto up into the tree

The young lad was standing atop my landlords garage. He had a long yellow stick, which looked like the handle from a pool cleaner net, which he had fashioned to yet another stick, possibly a broom handle, and finally to the top of this stilt-like contraption he had affixed two cups of cold water so to entice the cockatoo to come down and take a drink.

Remember last night when I wondered who the fuck could do something so evil and spiteful and vicious? Who could have the presence of mind, during an argument, to let a bird out from its cage and then out a window? I mean this wasn't like smashing a coffee cup or throwing a dish. This was pure evil... Well, naturally, it turns out I know the lad.

He stabbed a friend of mine years ago in a bar over a girl. The kid he stabbed was his friend, too. It was a very, very weird scene.

Well, this was the dude who had let the bird out. And I assumed he had since made amends with his girl and now the girl had guilted him into getting her sisters bird out of the tree. Sort of like when you smash a mirror during a fight and then the fights over and you're there with a broom like a heel, cleaning up your rage.

So this lad has the day shift. When I left for work this morning he was laying on his back on the roof of the garage with the giant pole propped up against the side, pointing into the tree. He has a long day ahead of him.

My landlord said the fire department was there yesterday, too. I always thought their specialty was, well, fires and maybe cats in trees, but birds?!

FDNY came by, and tried to help but then they got a call and had to leave.

We'll see what happens when I get home tonight. That's all the news thats fit to print for the time being.

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