19 August 2007

"I grow more intense as I age, and I am more passionate about the projects I believe in. I still enjoy getting dressed elegantly in the evening and making an “entrance” at a party."
—Brooke Astor

A day after the very public photo-op funeral service in Manhattan, that had an audio webcast online and several news outlets reporting live from the event...Astor was secretly buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery yesterday.

"Astor Funeral Widely Covered, in Real Time"

Anthony Marshall and his wife buried his mother with a priest as the only other person in attendance as other family members were not told of the burial arrangements.

Anthony Marshall is involved in a bitter dispute with his own son over the handling of Mrs. Astor's estate. Phillip Marshall has accused his father of elder abuse and essentially stealing millions of dollars from the estate of his grandmother.

The cavalcade of interested parties and beneficiaries of Astor's will have already initiated legal proceedings to dispute recent changes to the document that financially benefited Anthony Marshall.

I find this all very interesting and suspect. More suspect than a "secret burial" is that all these other relatives are claiming they had no idea when the burial was. Well, why didn't they find out? The well-publicized funeral was one day, well then you can assume the burial will be soon after, right? I don't buy all these smart people playing dumb.

Phillip's brother Alec arrived at the cemetery with his fianceƩ about an hour after the burial and was shocked. The New York Post quotes him as saying "We just stopped by to pay our last respects. I didn't even know the burial was today." Oh, nigga please.

One person who did appear to know about the secret burial service was the photographer who snapped a photo used by the Post of Anthony and Charlene Marshall and the priest standing next to the casket.


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