23 August 2007

I refuse to be a part of "The Genre That Doesn’t Enunciate"

...but its always good to know your enemy!


is the latest in indie cinema. It’s a movement focused on the self-absorbed minutiae of post-collegiate existence — but in a good way. It “bespeaks a true 21st-century sensibility,” Dennis Lim writes, and “signals a paradigm shift in how movies are made and how they find an audience.” See for yourself tonight, when “Hannah Takes the Stairs” opens as part of “The New Talkies: Generation D.I.Y” series at IFC. “The D.I.Y. equivalent of a rock ’n’ roll super-group,” as Matt Zoller Seitz puts it, this romantic office comedy, about a hipster Annie Hall type, stars a who’s who of the genre. It could very well be a mumblecore swan song, since, like all modern-day slackers, its creators are ready to sell out. Some of them will be in attendance tonight: catch them when they’ll still talk to you. "

Umm, what? I prefer to call this movement the "nigga please" movement.

SYNOPSIS: Hannah, a recent college graduate, spends a brutally hot Chicago summer falling in and out of love. As she struggles to find personal and professional fulfillment through various relationships with friends and co-workers, she risks leaving destruction in her wake. Working collaboratively with his cast, which features several prominent independent filmmakers, Joe Swanberg follows up his previous efforts, KISSING ON THE MOUTH and LOL, with this delicate look at friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness.

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