08 August 2007

Candle wax, smoke, aloe wood, incense, myrrh... if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound?

I stepped away from this mirage for a few days, I was sorta getting burnt out on it and at the same time felt it was all getting away from itself and headed for a brick wall. Real life took over, but only for a moment and now I'm back. I'm still reading my Sheldrake and wouldn't be if it weren't for Theresa.

I just spoke with a good friend and speaking with her inspired me to go poke around to see whats been going on over the past few days with the story and if there were any new developments in the ARG theory.

Seems that lots has been going on in my absence...

This story is seductive. It's intriguing; its interesting; it has everything an ARG needs. There's something about this story that lures people in whether they know it or not. It seems to suck in some very smart people who aren't often fooled or seduced by anything. It's a snake charmer but the theories are all bullshit. The tale may be a snake charmer but the theories are nothing but snake oil.

Dreams End is convinced this is all somehow tied in with an ARG. A claim I don't dispute - which is to say - I haven't found any evidence to make a solid case against his theory, however I think he's been fucked with and now he's at the end of his rope and I don't blame him.

In his most recent Dear John post titled "Checking Out For Awhile", DE says:

"Theresa and Jeremy are alive. It is all a game. It is sophisticated, well financed and has been in preparation for at least two years."
I don't doubt the sophistication of the people manipulating this story but I firmly believe its all been done posthumously with the facts and hazy details they were given on a silver platter. It isn't very hard to fuck with a story thats handed to you full of holes as it is. These ARG people thrive on this stuff; they're brilliant and they know what they're doing but they didn't kill Theresa or Jeremy and they had nothing to do with them killing themselves.

I must say I do worry that DE is part of the game now and only perpetuating it with his dramatic goodbye.

Sadly, I do know FOR A FACT that Theresa Duncan is dead. With all due respect, she is not alive. She no longer breathes.

But that's all I know for certain.

From day one learning of this story I always thought there was room for wonder in regard to Jeremy's disappearance but never Theresa's. And you can go back and quote me on that. When the fishermen in NJ said they'd found a body and police wondered if it was Jeremy, I was 99% certain it would come back that it was not. I was shocked when we learned the dental records matched up and it was in fact Jeremy Blake.

For me, the moment Jeremy's body was ID'd was the moment I realised this wasn't anything more than what it appeared to be: Two lovers who couldn't live without each other; Nothing more, nothing less.

"Sophisticated, well financed" or not; "in preparation for at least two years" or not, Theresa is dead. I really think DE is getting sucked in and manipulated now.

Do you think the police give a fuck about some anagrams and Dungeons and Dragons BS? And if it seemed like a real possibility, don't you think they'd be investigating it? Let's not overestimate the "blogosphere" or whatever the fuck its called.

TWO PEOPLE ARE DEAD. It's not a game. Regardless, DE claims this site is the entrance way; the portal to the ARG. Enter if you dare! Muhahahahahahaaha, suckers!

And if I'm welcoming or taunting the mysterious masked flying ARG assassins by saying all this shit then so be it; but this tale is obviously being drawn out, played out, acted out and perpetuated online now by some smart people exploiting some admittedly hazy situations and occurrences.

I've read nearly every conspiracy theory book there is and I still don't believe theres any of that present here. I just don't see it. I see rabbit holes and computer snarks building a labyrinthine maze after the fact but thats about it.

I see suspicions being coddled and inspired. I see people planting doubt BIG TIME. I see people nursing a lot of total horse shit.

EVERYONE is "in on it" whether they know it or not. I'm in on it right now by adding my two cents and dispelling what I think is a hoax. It's endless. It's infinite.

They need people like me to take it upon myself to say its a hoax to help stir their cauldron of mystery. You can't have mystery if everyone agrees.

Like I've said before: MYSTERY LOVES COMPANY.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it fall, does it make a sound?

I see a lot of disinformation and its far reaching. Everyone is talking about this story now and most everyone didn't even know who Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan were until they were dead... then again the same goes for almost every famous artist, does it not? They struggle their whole lives for the recognition and fame they can only get after they're gone.

They'll love you when you're gone.

Here's a link to all my writings & articles on Theresa & Jeremy. I welcome your comments and your cryptic anagrams and codes and rabbit holes.

Bring it!

P.S. - Lest I forget, The NY Post chimed in today with an article about Theresa & Jeremy. It's basically a shameless collage - if you will - of stories written by the L.A. Weekly, Washington Post and L.A. Times. Eh, better late than never I guess. I'm sure this article will be the first time a lot of people will be hearing about this, so welcome everyone! Get comfortable!
Here's the link to the Post article:

Addendum: OK, the more I read DE's site now the more my head throbs. And the more I think about it, the more I realise DE was the first one to bring up the notion of an ARG twist to this mystery; which leads me to believe he is somehow involved. And now he's claiming this has all put on a strain on his marriage... I mean c'mon on now! Let's not lose sight of reality, OK? Hello?
Did I lose you?

Let's dissect the ARG theory for a moment. It was quick to become a self-fulfilling prophecy or theory. It was brought up and next thing you know we're debating the possibilities. Next, clues. What clues? What clues have been left? The only "clues" we seem to unveil are more clues to perpetuate the fact that "this" is an ARG. But there are no clues out there about their deaths or their lives. What, she plagiarised? OK, great. What else have you got? She wrote about an author 2 years ago who also killed herself? Sorry. That won't stick. What else? There is NOTHING. There are NO CLUES. Show me one fucking "clue"; show me one LINK that reveals something pertinent to this tragic tale! A clue isn't a link to another Theresa Duncan website with more cryptic links to other half-assed blogs with one post of a picture of a church. Ooooooooh! What are we 10 years old now? Is this a fucking Easter egg hunt now? You can't just say"clues" and thats it. Show me something! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

I'm not arguing that there isn't an ARG freight train rolling by out there and maybe it made a stop here on this tale but it has nothing to do with their deaths. This is all getting to be a bit too AV-club for me; too many 12-sided di and I hate that shit. Dragons and motes and warlords. Puhlease.

All I see is self-fulfilled suspicions and bullshit, I've seen nothing tangible; nothing decisive; nothing credible; nothing indisputable.

So what is an ARG then? Isn't the internet itself a mammoth ARG? Let me answer that: YES IT FUCKING IS and it was involuntarily built as such. Every site with a goddamn hyperlink could be "part of an ARG". Google? Wikipedia? Geez, they are like Elvis Presley & The Beatles of ARG's and misinformation! I can click through for hours and hours on those sites, like a goddamn Choose Your Own Adventure book from when I was 9 years old, so what? It leads nowhere. It's a circle. Make 4 lefts and go fuck yourself, its nothing!

What have we found? What is it all for? Is there one single, solitary smoking gun "clue" we've gained from all this nonsense? N-O. All we have are people debating it, fueling it, coddling it, nursing it and keeping it alive but its a big, gigantic Nothing. Like Seinfeld. There's was a show about nothing, ours is an ARG about nothing.

It was a suggestion. Someone said "ARG" and we were off to the races like a bunch of loons, intoxicated with mystery. So you've found some dead links and neglected blogs... yeah, and?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that, being made, actually becomes true; in this it is distinguished from other prophecies. Although examples of prophecies that set in motion the events that brought about them selves can be found in human literature as far back as ancient Greece and ancient India, it is 20th-century sociologist Robert K. Merton who is credited with coining the expression "self-fulfilling prophecy" and formalising its structure and consequences.

In his book Social Theory and Social Structure, Merton gives as a feature of the self-fulfilling prophecy: "The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come 'true' This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning."

In other words, a false prophetic statement — a prophecy declared as truth when it is not — may sufficiently influence people, either through fear or logical confusion, so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the false prophecy. The effects of teacher attitudes, beliefs and values, affecting their expectations have been tested repeatedly.

We keep it going by talking about it. Who knows if DE is "one of them" or not but his Indian giver vacillation is getting silly. Perhaps thats his role. Perhaps this is my role to play black to the popular white; to be the cynic amongst cynics; thats my job in this clandestine ARG. Right. Sure. Whatever. I hope it pays well.

I clicked "post" in haste because I forgot I had a meeting to go to but when I came back I realised I was exhausted on this for now. It just after reading DE's site again and again, those last two cryptic summarizing farwells... and now I just went to his site and its telling me this:
"This blog is protected, to view it you must log in.If you don’t have a WordPress.com account, you can get one in seconds."
Whatever. Either the "ARGonauts" came and took DE away on their spaceship or it was all a bunch of BS all along. I invite your comments.


Anonymous said...

God. Fuck. Finally. Someone with sense. BTW his site is back up (again) with another BS tease about "bringing it all together". DE is nothing more than a paranoid with a penchant for shameless self-promotion. Best to ignore him. Although, odds are he'll probably throw you into the mix now that you've denied him. Good luck with that...

Professor Pan said...

The word "Arg" (often appended with an "h") is an expression of annoyance and desperation -- a very fitting exclamation to this out-of-control, delusional clusterfuck.