17 August 2007


Faker He-Man vs. He-Man...

Y'all know MF Doom, right? Formerly known as Zev Love X from the early '90s crew K.M.D.? The dude who made multiple rap personality disorders cool before anybody? Yeah, thats MFD.

So my boy MF Doom performed at The Independent in San Francisco a few days ago. The house was pretty packed and people got a nice look at MF Doom.

So, now people are talking... saying an impostor was performing in San Fran while the real MF Doom was on stage back at the Rock The Bells concert.

People are suspecting the performer was lipsyncing behind the "Doom mask" - which is definitely possible and sounds like something he might do.

Then I heard Scratch magazine did a photo shoot with Doom and they got tricked, too. Doom sent an impostor to take the pics. So if you see that photo shoot, it ain't the real Doom, its Faker Doom.

Shout out to Doom. If this is true, he's taken hustle to new levels. HOLLA AT YOUR BOY.

This guy has got an exhaustive biography on Doom with links galore.

MF Doom Sampler from Yottamusic

The Time We Faced Doom
Rhymes Like Dimes
The Finest
Back In The Days (Skit)
Go With The Flow
Tick, Tick
Red & Gold
The Hands Of Doom (Skit)
Who You Think I Am?
Operation: Greenbacks
The M.I.C.

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