22 August 2007

the moral of the story is Sam Cooke sells a mean Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz - Summer Love Event commercial

"The ad opens up in front a suburban home. A woman lies on her Mercedes as rose petals fall down on her. The camera angle switches from a side view to an overhead view. It's reminiscent of the famous rose petal scene from "American Beauty".

Then there are few other examples of Mercedes owners loving their cars. In the driveway of another suburban home is a man hugging his Mercedes. Parked along a city street, another man looks longingly at his convertible. In another driveway, a woman leans over her car's hood and kisses it, doing that leg-lift thing that's become synonymous with a kiss. In the evening, another woman caresses her Mercedes, and fireworks can be seen in the reflection. " from SplenAd.com

This is a great commercial. The song fits perfect and its very well done. Light and airy. Makes buying a $134,000 car feel like a walk in the part at dusk. Bravo!

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