29 August 2007

New breed of service dog

OK. You've got dogs that hunt for bombs, dogs that hunt for contraband, dogs that help blind people cross the street, dogs that help disabled people dial a phone, dogs that search for bodies buried under rubble, dogs that search for exotic fruit and vegetables... and now dogs that hunt for bootleg DVD's!

The dogs were trained to search for the scent of polycarbonate, and were so effective in a Malaysian undercover operation, that a $100,000 bounty was put on their little dog heads.

Those Malaysians take their bootleg DVD's seriously! It's their #1 export.

The two black labs, Lucky and Flo, are now sniffing out bootleg DVD's in Queens.

Uh, oh. Better go hide your Canal Street specials!

Lucky and Flo went to work on a suspected piracy operation in Jamaica.

"We raided three locations in Jamaica where we seized thousands of counterfeit DVDs," said District Attorney Richard Brown. The DVD's were being sold at different locations at the Jamaica Mall. HOLLA!

Although the dogs can't tell if the movie is a counterfeit they can smell the DVD's hidden in luggage, crates and secret compartments. Then investigators can check the DVD to see if it's counterfeit.

"They sniffed out three boxes and one suitcase that were filled with pirated DVD's," said John Malcolm, Vice President of the Motion Picture Association of America.T

Three people were arrested and charged with trademark counterfeiting. Over 5,000 bootleg DVD's were confiscated.

I wanna train my dog to tell me when Papyrus is having a sale.

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