29 August 2007

Not only are they not leaving him alone, now they're blaming a Brit

Remeber like two days Owen Wilson released a statment basically saying "leave me alone and let me heal in peace". Yeah well, of course that's out the window now.

Now everyone and their mother is reporting the "funnyman / actor" was hooked on heroin and cocaine, struggling with depression and hanging out with the "wrong crowd" in the months before his attempted suicide.

Apparently, Wilson's drug use was so frequent, it was even the cause of his Memorial Day breakup with celebuspawn Kate Hudson.

Give us drugs!

And now Owen's friends are placing the blame on Wilson's newfound best buddy and co-star, British actor Steve Coogan.

Stevie's got the Motts

In August 2005 stupid Courtney Love claimed to be pregnant with Steve Coogan's child, following a two-week long fling the pair allegedly had while staying at the same hotel.

So naturally now Courtney Love is throwing her hat in the ring as the resident Steve Coogan expert.

Courtney told US Weekly:

"I went through it with Steve... I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy."

A lil' too little, a lil' too late, Court, but thanks!


The good times


Anonymous said...

apparently, poor luke found him. what a terrible sight for a brother to see.


Anderson said...

It's bizarre how many suicide, death, and manic depression references are linked to Owen Wilson characters in pieces he's obviously put real effort into. Dignan was allegedly hospitalized at some point in Bottle Rocket before Anthony. In Rushmore Owen's only acting role was to be featured as the blurry photos of Edward Applebee - Miss Cross' dead husband. In Tenenbaums there is of course Baumer's suicide attempt, but Eli Cash is manically depressed and drug addled. In Life Aquatic Owen is killed in what seemed to me to be some sort of transcendental suicide/murder. Kate Hudson? Steve Coogan? Hillbilly heroin? Come on, the guy is depressed and has an attraction to dark sad things. A lot of us can relate with that. Breakups and drugs? I say the chicken came before the egg.