20 August 2007

Go get 'em Liev

TMZ is really shameless. They ALWAYS have the exclusive on which celeb went "berserk" last night and knocked out a "harmless photog" on Sunset Boulevard and thats because its always their fucking "harmless photog"!!!! It's pathetic.

Anyway, Liev Schreiber is my boy and when the paparazzi got too close for his liking, he put his baby down in her carriage, and with one foot, stood up and shoved one of them and chased down the rest.

Here's the tale:

"The frustrated and limping "CSI" star went off on a photog after walking up the stairs of Taverna Tony's, where he placed his baby's carrier down, turned around and pushed the paparazzi while screaming, "You fucking disgust me, it's a fucking child and I have one fucking foot!" It didn't end there though -- Schreiber then chased the rest of the photogs on scene, screaming at them and making them retreat to their cars.

When Schreiber and baby mama Naomi Watts emerged from the restaurant, they were taunted by the paparazzi, with one yelling at the actor, "You better sit down before I knock your ass out!" This time, Liev remained calm and got into the car, but Naomi gave the photog a piece of her mind -- with a finger."
Go get 'em Naomi. I got you. Oh and Liev, you killed it in Talk Radio. HOLLA!

Actor Liev Schreiber, Leonard Lopate, and playwright and actor Eric Bogosian in the WNYC studios on March 23. Liev and Eric discussed their collaboration on the revival of "Talk Radio." You can listen to the interview here. photo courtesy of WNYC

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