18 August 2007

Perfecting patience in a disposable world

I just found this. Wrote it a while ago. Sounds like I was high as a kite...

Think beyond yourself

Walk backwards
Run ahead and watch yourself approach

You don’t have to wait to die for an out of body experience in your minds eye
Look down upon yourself from above
Hover above your own head
Breathe on the back of your own neck
Think deeper
Focus harder

See everything around you circular and panoramic.
Wide as an oceans span below a blue birds reaching wings.

See you, the details of you and your surroundings
every fiber, every shape, every fold, every bend, every speck
the dust,
the stars,
the words forming in your mind
That nanosecond before they pass your tongue and become air

That flicker of a moment when you think about closing your eyes

That speck of an instant when the thought triggers your brain to tell your eyes to close

Let that single moment last a lifetime
Embrace the thought
Think beyond your own vision
See yourself through a mirror


See yourself as others view you

Envision your entire self
Every distorted clarity
Be aware of everything
Be oblivious to nothing

And live at peace

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