28 August 2007

The Princess Diana - Morrissey Phenomenon

I'm not sure if its one dude (David Alice), a few fans, or an entire group of lunatics but there seem to be some cats who believe there is a prophetic connection betwixt Morrissey and Princess Diana - namely Diana's untimely death - foreshadowed in Morrissey's work, beginning with an album by The Smiths.

And now they've dragged my poor Siouxsie into the mix, citing her 1994 duet with Morrissey as some sort of smoking gun. It's quite a labyrinth which involves, among others: Jayne Mansfield, Mother Teresa and Madge Evans?!

Anyway, the whole thing is quite obviously a steaming pile of crap but one can't deny there are quite a few coincidences and David Alice has done some really exhaustive research selectively connecting them all. Go see. It's interesting if nothing else.

David urges you "CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER!" So do as the man says.

And thanks, Geoff!

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