21 August 2007

** Radio Nerd Alert **

The new ratings trends are out...

WLTW (Lite-FM) is down, a lot, for the first time, like EVER. To a 4.9 in the 12+ demo

WCBS-FM inches up to a 2.2, but that's a book that's 80% Jack, which means that the new CBS-FM could have gotten up to a 3.2 12+ in its first 2 weeks. Which is possible with all the new-station excitement and fanfare. Let's hope it keeps up!

102.7 Fresh seems to be leveling off, down to a 2.9

Z100 is steady.

Kiss is up quite a bit. K-Rock stagnant at a 1.7, which is not good news, considering the Free-FM performance is gradually flushing out, that means K-Rock has dropped significantly from its good first month. PLJ continues a slow march downward, and is now below 101.1 CBS-FM

WLTW has problems for the first time in years in New York. CBS-Radio, under Dan Mason, has finally got its FM cluster together in New York and is successfully carving way WLTW's younger female demos (via "Fresh") and its middle aged demos (via CBS-FM).

CBS-Radio's next issue is what to do at 92.3. Either beef it up as is or figure out how to manipulate another format to fit the cluster strategy - probably by moving the JACK format over to 92.3 and keeping O&A in mornings and possibly adding Ron & Fez in there somewhere as I've been predicting for the past few months.

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