04 August 2007


I actually just heard Bush say "theres a lot of paperwork in government"...

So today there is much more to this TD & JB story. It just keeps going and going and I suppose we should embrace it now before Anderson Cooper picks it up and does god knows what with it... because once the rest of the world gets their glossy hands on it, we'll have no control over where it goes and I guarantee we'll be frustrated. Sort of like when your favourite band got popular. "No one understands maaaaaaan"... We'll all be screaming at the TV and typing up a fury.

When I'm not helping my elderly landlord with her new cable box, dropping off my dry cleaning, somehow arguing the fundamentals of Karl Barth with an impassioned theological seminary student and tirelessly searching for elusive Nat Shermans, I must admit I still think of Theresa and her demons everyday as I plow my way through my Rupert Sheldrake books and they just keep coming...

Our lovely and inexhaustible Dream's End is still on the case and woke up today with newly rejuvenated suspicion, if not an absolute certainty, that TD's death was in fact somehow involved in this "ARG" world which I'm personally still trying to wrap my weary head around.

I haven't been speaking much of these details here but saving them for the comment pages on DE's site and elsewhere. I normally sign as Gotham City Insider so you can see where I stand and what I'm thinking, suggesting and researching. I must admit it is quite fascinating and a shame that something so fascinating has to be connected to the death of two beautiful people. And I think its important we embrace and respect the fact that this is not at all a game and that two people are most certainly dead.

That being said, I woke up to this today: "No more ARGuments….Duncan’s Death confirmed to be part of a 'game'" and haven't spent much time away from it since. I think DE is brilliant in his tireless quest and for maintaining his sanity during this period of clouded lunacy and rogue conjecture but the real interesting stuff comes in the comment sections of DE's posts. Thats where the anons show up and get creepy - and sometimes stupid - but thats where thinking people seem to come to real conclusions and in the process pose wonderful questions.

I'd love for you all to go there and get involved - we could always use a few more clear thinking heads with fresh insights - but I must warn you that theres a very good chance you will get sucked into it.

Well, I've given you the tools if you want to pick them up and use them. After that, I'm not responsible for what happens.

There are two other articles I haven't had the chance to take a look at yet that the wonderful Ciara has shown me to. I plan to go there now after I publish this post so I guess I'll meet you all there... Staircase to Nowhere [LAist] - which I'm very anxious to dive into because Gothamist is always nothing short of thorough and unbiased, I'm not sure if the same goes for their west coast counterpart but I guess we will see... the other is an LA Times article where the free link seems to have expired. I'll try to figure that out for y'all and cut & paste it here later.

Until then...

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