08 August 2007

take the plunge.

Subj: MySpace account cancellation request - please confirm

Date: 7/25/2007 7:56:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

To: ######

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi J,

We have received your request to cancel your MySpace account.

In order to complete the cancellation process, please click on the link below: http://www1.myspace.com/misc/cancel.cfm?iid=BC3DE07D-EFCC-4668-AB84-2E94876

If you have problems canceling your account, please click the link below: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=misc.contact

We will cancel your account within 48 hours, after which you will no longer be able to log in.

Please note that cancelled accounts may not be reactivated and all of your account information, including your friend network, will be removed from MySpace.

IF YOU NO LONGER WISH TO CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT simply ignore this message.

We will not cancel your account unless you follow the above instructions.

At MySpace we care about your privacy. This email is never sent unsolicited.

If you think you've received this email in error, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us at: privacy@myspace.com

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Los Angeles, CA 90048
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