23 August 2007

That What Is Not: "Art" by Me

"Pieces of yarn in complicated love"
two pieces of wool yarn, on black felt, in a frame.

"In Saccharin We Trust"
photocopied & reduced sugar packets glued to canvas, with watercolour paint & ink marker brushed with water.

"Heart Breaking Record Breaking Heart"
computer generated palindrome

"Death or Glory"
grocery list affixed to the back of Gibson gothic SG body, accidental splatter with white Krylon paint, hung on wall with nail

"Rorschach's Heart"
computer generated & self-explanatory

"Woof the dog"
computer generated character study, bottom right photo graffiti on wall, me with dog, shadow of ex-roommate taking photo with disposable camera

"un momento"
photograph, certain corner in Brooklyn in fall 2006, location secret (click the photo to enlarge for better quality)

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