01 August 2007

This is Not a Game: The Mysterious Death of Theresa Duncan, Part Five from Dream's End

Posted by HMW,
August 1, 2007 at 1:50 pm

wrote:“Mystery loves company.”

Well put. Confusion is contagious and I see ‘awe and wonder’ as a stealth form of ’shock and awe.’

And this has been exploited for ages. Recently as discussion groups on ‘The DaVinci Code,’ for instance.

Cyber-cointelpro is ramping up in ‘news’ and disinfotainment.

BTW, I noticed that disinfo.com’s hard copy books have…disinfo…in them. Warning.

Culture war heads-up:

The west coast has a youth’n'music oriented periodical distributed from San Diego to San Francisco with local advertisers and names that are all versions of the California Herald fronted by a Gene Mahoney.

Theresa Duncan would recognize the themes in this rag instantly. I did because I know the value of misogyny to the National inSecurity State.

Sniff the sulfur at its website- http://californiaherald.net/

It promotes ‘he-man’ poets who rage at “bitches.” And worse. Like Che Guevara on a meat hook.

“Santa Rosa Herald, East Bay Herald, Marin Herald,” etc. All the same rag with local advertisers duped into being friendly credentials for psy-ops.

This rag is more right wing than Ann Coulter and looks to me like a professional CIA product designed to peel off young cultural creatives away from lefty rockers with relentless negative framing and also to badjacket women which is a core theme of military recruiting which needs young men to remain aloof from young women. The movie reviews direct readers to hostile images of women and there is a cartoon that is always about evil women.

Besides chronic attacks on the image of Che Guevara and women there are smears against every musician who has ever spoken up for human rights and against fascism, Joan Baez, Frank Zappa, Michael Moore, etc.

The magazine’s website has the worst Reich-wing columnists and carried disinfo about Joan Baez’ trauma-based dissociative identity disorder issues. Yes, she really has them as a result of early child abuse.

Look out for this rag on the west coast. It looks like a professional USG alphabet agency device to me.

And this is precisely the kind of thing Theresa Duncan was exposing on her blog.

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