15 August 2007

What's the deal?

So way back in February, Sirius and XM announced they would finally merge to create a single satellite radio network in the United States and Canada. A collective "final-fucking-ly" could be heard 'round the world. The merger would bring both companies a total of more than 13 million subscribers based on current subscriber numbers as of 2007...

It is now August. What is the fucking hold up?!

Could it be in someones interest to delay and fight this decision? When big oil company mergers, or stupid Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal can be approved in weeks...

The fact that Murdoch's purchase of yet another media outlet can go through without a hitch and something like satellite radio - which isn't nearly as important as the integrity of our national media - is setting a new record for amount of time it's taken to go through, is absolutely ridiculous.

Meanwhile, both companies announced new devices this week and I'm sitting here frustrated, confused and, unrelated, thirsty.

This endless merger hesitation and hangs up have somewhat prevented me from buying either right now because I'm worried about what will happen if and when the merger happens.

Should I wait for the merger and the new XM/Sirius receiver? Whats going to happen at that point to everyone who has the single receivers?? I'm assuming they can't just switch over. Is everyone going to have to pay for new receivers? People aren't gonna be happy.

Either way, they're both losing money right now in purgatory for where it would normally be a matter of deciding WHICH, right now I'm buying NEITHER and just waiting... Eat it.

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