29 August 2007

Yo bro, you got caught out there

This is why politics and politicians are so fucked.

So this 62-year old Conservative Republican Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig, got caught in some undercover sting operation in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom. I guess this particular bathroom was notorious for gay sex or male prostitution and glory holes or whatever goes on in Minneapolis Airports. Ok, so, whatever.

The thing that irked me was that Craig barely even acknowledged the sting operation or what he'd been caught doing or not doing in that Minneapolis Airport bathroom; rather he made sure we all knew that he was NOT gay and NEVER was. Uh, ok, dude.

Does NOT being gay somehow make everything OK? Is it a free pass to forgiveness or something? Are people in the Mid-West sighing "Oh, well, at least he isn't gay". I suppose they are. Is NOT being gay somehow more important or crucial to someones political career? I suppose it is.

Turns out Craig has faced rumours about his sexuality since the 1980's.

With his wife Suzanne "a/k/a The Beard" by his side Craig stepped down from his post as Senate liaison for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign and then told us once again: "I am not gay. I have never been gay."

"The official police complaint on Craig's case was detailed.

It said airport police Sgt. Dave Karsnia, who was investigating allegations of sexual conduct in airport restrooms, went into a stall shortly after noon on June 11 and closed the door.

Minutes later, the officer said he saw Craig gazing into his stall through the crack between the door and the frame.

After a man in the adjacent stall left, Craig entered it and put his roller bag against the front of the stall door, "which Sgt. Karsnia's experience has indicated is used to attempt to conceal sexual conduct by blocking the view from the front of the stall,'' said the complaint, which was dated June 25.

The complaint said Craig then tapped his right foot several times and moved it closer to Karsnia's stall and then moved it to where it touched Karsnia's foot. Karsnia recognized that "as a signal often used by persons communicating a desire to engage in sexual conduct,'' the complaint said.

Craig then passed his left hand under the stall divider into Karsnia's stall with his palm up and guided it along the divider toward the front of the stall three times, the complaint said.

The officer then showed his police identification under the divider and pointed toward the exit "at which time the defendant exclaimed "No!''

Craig handed the arresting officer a business card that identified him as a member of the Senate.

"What do you think about that?'' Craig is alleged to have said, according to the report.

Oh shit, I gotta run. Dr. Lisa is on talking about methyl mercury in fish. Peace.

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