06 August 2007

You've got your Carnegies and you've got your Mellons

Well rested and watched Wall Street last night (if you're into the movie, you may find this très interesting) Decided if I ever have another dog I'd name her Wall Street or maybe Mozzarella. Also, if I had a daughter, like right now, I'd name her Cinema. Cinema and Earl Grey. Wow, what an asshole I'd be with my two asshole kids.

Where do I start and when does it end? Those are the two things that come to mind this morning. The Duncan/Blake ARG debate seems to endlessly smolder. This now from Dream's End:

"I couldn’t get a post together tonight, but since the ARG designers have been so mean to me, I thought I’d be mean right back. Karma, ya know.The first important plot twist coming up soon will be the revelation that Jeremy Blake did not commit suicide or, at least, that it’s not certain he did.

The most likely person to reveal this, at the moment, appears to be Ron Rosenbaum. He has a very touching piece now about how he was able to obtain from a “source” a recording of what may have been Blake’s last words. He will likely continue on this track, professing more and more confusion about this story until he becomes uncertain whether Blake actually killed himself or not.

That’s gonna be a tough plot line to rework, I’m guessing. I have a bunch more. Y’all vote and tell me if you want any more spoilers or not. Some people don’t like them."

Wow. And as I just wrote to D.E., I'll be really shocked if Rosenbaum falls for this; which is to say; if this "spoiler" comes true, I'll really be spooked and I'll think a lot less of Ron Rosenbaum. Cheers to D.E. for the spoiler. This should really be interesting...

I listened to Snow Patrol's "Eyes Open" this morning and its good but its no "Final Straw". Then again with a song like "Run", good luck topping that, ever. In fact, the only thing that would one-up the visceral "Run" would be the world coming to an end and the street swallowing the entire city whole.

That's all for now. I'm off to a meeting with Teldar Paper.

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