12 September 2007

Anyone remember Don Imus?

...Don Imus
was the guy who so eloquently called some of the Rutgers femme basketball team “nappy-headed ho's” on his overstayed welcome of a former radio show.

Imus was subsequently dethroned for his comments by the power of Al Sharpton on a slow news day and ultimately fired and yanked off the airwaves by CBS after 7 billion years of service.

Then Imus got smart and stopped apologising to everyone and sued CBS for wrongly firing him and breaking contract. And he won.

Cue Kia Vaughn, one of the Rutgers women’s basketball players; it was then, after Imus won his million dollar case, Kia conveniently filed a defamation law$uit against Don Imus and CB$ Radio.

Well now, for whatever reason, Kia Vaughn has withdrawn her lawsuit against Mr. Imus.

From The Times: “Last week Kia Vaughn returned to Rutgers to focus upon both her academic pursuits as a journalism major and upon her basketball team. Her strong commitments to both have influenced her decision to withdraw the lawsuit at this time.” so said a spokeswoman for Vaughn’s lawyer.

Yawn, whatever. It's just as well she dropped the suit. Any judge with common sense would have thrown this case out anyway. I mean Vaughn suddenly announces she's suing Imus right after he settles with CBS Radio?! If this wasn't a text book BS law$uit, then I don't know what is.

There's been lots of speculation now that Imus has settled with CBS he's free to go elsewhere with his radio kryptonite genius; some say he may wind up at WOR or WABC. Who knows, we'll see I guess; we're waiting with baited breath...

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