07 September 2007

bin Laden's beard

why is this dude still alive?

So your boy Osama bin Laden has a new video coming out. Days ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

This will be the first time we heard from the elusive warlord in nearly three years.

I guess this was Osama's post-motorcycle accident-Big Pink-Basement-Tapes-Woodstock era.

Analysts noted that al-Qaida tends to mark the Sept. 11 anniversary with a slew of messages and cryptic threats but the Department of Homeland Security said it had no credible information warning of an imminent threat to the United States.

So now everyone is commenting on Osama's beard. I swear, this world is just wonderful.

"A still photo from the coming video, showing bin Laden addressing the camera, his beard fully black. In his past videos, bin Laden's beard was almost entirely gray with dark streaks."

Maybe he's using the same Just For Men beard dye that Pavarotti used?

I wonder if Osama will release the vid exclusively through YouTube. Watch that Google stock.

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