07 September 2007

Bob is gonna be real busy this fall

He's got another season of his radio show on XM. He's got two new-but-old CD's coming out: one is that 3-CD retrospective coming in October called "DYLAN"; it's like 40 years of greatest hits over 3 CD's and they're also releasing another one of those bootleg CD's "The Other Side Of The Mirror - Bob Dylan Live At The Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965".

But wait, theres more! Almost too much more!

He's got that highly-anticipated Todd Haynes movie "I'm Not There" coming out, with all those different actors playing him at different spots of his career AND naturally that movie will have a soundtrack CD! It's a two-disc, 34 song soundtrack! hahaha with covers of Dylan songs, which most always sucks unless you're Manfred Mann or The Hollies. But it has some decent dudes on it: Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Sufjan Stevens, John Doe, Iron & Wine, Jeff Tweedy, Antony, Los Rambin' Jack Elliot and so on. The soundtrack for the movie also includes the original Bob Dylan recording of the song "I'm not there", a rare oft-bootlegged outtake from 1967 which has never been available on any official release.

AND Bob is going out on an U.S. tour in the fall with Elvis Costello AND the first-ever museum exhibition of Dylan's artwork in late October in Chemnitz, Germany. This three-month installment titled The Drawn Blank Series -- will mark the first museum showing of his work, ever.

Jesus christ Bob, I need a nap now.

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Anonymous said...

Is he the man or is he the Man?

He's gotta be one of the premier modernist talents of the 20th (and 21st) centuries.. I don't care if he appropriates, borrows or steals, when it comes to "Love and Theft" nobody does it like him.

--Uncle T