10 September 2007

Bring on the bulldozers! End of an Era: Last Day for Coney Island's Astroland

In case you hadn't heard, and even if you have, after 45 years Astroland shut down possibly for good yesterday. There was a protest calling for a one-year extension on the death sentence, but mostly a lot of people turned out to ride the rides and walk around and to have their quotes jotted down by reporters and photos taken by hordes of photographers.

The park was sold to developer Thor Equities last year after a half-century of neglect. Coney Island is targeted for a $1 billion renovation aimed at creating a year-round attraction to compete against the theme parks that nearly obliterated the neighbourhood. And this is bad why? Don't get me fucking started. This is the best thing that could've happened at Coney Island.

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