28 September 2007

"Caaaaaaaaan Youuuuuu Dig It ??!!"

Your boy Obama thinks he's Cyrus; yesterday at Washington Square Park.

"Caaaaaaaaan Youuuuuu Dig It ??!!"

Sold out seats to hear Barack Obama speak last night in Washington Square. Loose joints anyone?

Barack mentioned that he "used to hang out in Washington Square Park" and that he knew "a little something about Greenwich Village."

When one supporter yelled "We love you Obama", the senator from Illinois said, "I love you back." BARF.

An NYU freshman told the Washington Square News, "Barack Obama is the most gangster politician to ever come to Washington" and that "Hell yeah!" he would vote for him.

Many reports say that the crowd was around 25,000 people, but The Times said that the the number was "impossible to verify" but that the "audience was one of the largest [for Obama] of the year." The Post says the crowd was around 15,000 strong.

I was busy rummaging through panty drawers in the NYU CAS dorms at the time.

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