19 September 2007

Can someone please explain fantasy football to me?

Could someone explain to me what the fuck Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball is all about?

I think I may be the only dude in the world who doesn't get into this shit.

I dunno, I hear the word "fantasy" and I think, well, FANTASY, meaning, not real and therefore what the fuck do I wanna do with that shit? Right?

How are so many dudes so down with something called "fantasy" anything? Is this like Harry Potter for dudes who love buffalo wings or some shit? I don't get it.

And what happens with fantasy sports, do u bet on it? Theres drafts and shit, I know that. "Dude bro, I gotta get home by 7, I got my draft tonight"... I've heard that before.

But I mean, c'mon now... what is this shit????! It's not enough to watch the games and bet on the games themselves?

Someone PLEASE show me the way so I can understand the lure of this unicorn bullshit.


Anonymous said...

I am in a fantasy football league with some friends from grad school. You basically have a team whose weekly performance is dependent on the individual stats of your players. Yes you gamble on it - everyone throw in a few hundred bucks and the top one or two finishers get the cash usually. Mostly its an excuse to gamble and talk shit. The draft is enjoyable because its an excuse to get out of the house and hang with your friends - if you are married with kids thats rare. Takes about 10 minutes a week to manage a team if you are efficient about it, although some people spend way more time than that. Its at least 50% luck.

Baseball is a lot more hardcore than football cause there are more games and the season is so long.

Angie said...

You are friggin hilarious.