14 September 2007

Carbon Footprints are the new Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMD's are so 2004, these days its all about your carbon footprint.

What does this have to do with the new proposed Whole Foods in Gowanus you say?

Well Whole Foods says the big store at 3rd Ave and 3rd Street won't open until 2009 now. And really anyone who has seen the future site would have been hard pressed to imagine how anything could be ready to open there by next year... Still, as recently as this summer, Whole Foods was handing out tote bags that said "Opening 2008." Fuck, I got the wrong one. Mine said "I'm not a plastic bag".

The Park Slope Civic Council & Granola Club is still trying to get Whole Foods' attention and is now enlisting elected officials to convince the chain to build a more environmentally friendly stores. Oh, god. Here we go. What, free range gouda isn't enough, folks?

Park Slope Neighbours and the Civic Council have asked Whole Foods to include a green roof or solar power in the stores, but the retailer hasn't responded. They must be busy polishing their
"I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person" keychains.

Currently, the roof is slated for a parking lot. But the Park Slope Granola Fund want Whole Food to significantly reduce the amount of parking it plans and to include a shuttle service for Park Slopers and free delivery. Yeah, how about we include a few winning lotto tickets, too? Is that enough? It's a fucking supermarket that sells expensive fancy health food, its not a goddamn fernery or Biosphere 2!

"Park Slope Neighbours have produced figures showing the 64,000 square foot store would have 420 parking spaces." PUFF PUFF GIVE!

"Whole Foods estimates it will generate 500,000 car trips a year--which is about half of the traffic that the Atlantic Yards arena is projected to generate." Hahaha!

"By comparison the Red Hook Fairway only has 300 parking spaces for a 52,000 square foot store. The argument is that fewer parking spaces and other transportation and delivery alternatives will encourage fewer people to drive and generate less traffic"... and less traffic means less carbon footprintage!

Do the construction delays mean more opportunities for residents to have an impact on the project? Stay tuned.

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