26 September 2007

Cousin Brucie Staying on Satellite

Don’t look for Cousin Brucie on the radio any time soon — not on terrestrial radio, anyway. Cousin Brucie (a/k/a Bruce Morrow) the longtime New York DJ has signed an exclusive, multi-year contract to remain at Sirius and he will not return to his old station, WCBS-FM.

Despite the station’s recent return to the oldies format it abandoned two years ago, Cousin Brucie criticised it for changing its focus by emphasising music from the 70's and 80's. “The music of the 50’s and 60’s, specifically, deserves to have exposure, not be locked in a vault,” he said.

Brucie will continue his Wednesday and Saturday night shows on Sirius, as well as handle special segments and live broadcasts.

I don't give a fuck honestly, Al Meredith is back and that's all that matters. Now if only Ron Lundy and Harry Harrison weren't 105 years old we'd be all set. "HELLO LOVE!"

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