25 September 2007

Das Flattener

Ripped from the headlines of Kenn 24.com:

"Vinyl warps. Even if you treat your LP's with utmost care, it's common to find used albums too warped to get needle to groove. The Furutech DFV-1 LP Flattener works as a giant waffle iron for vinyl, delicately heating an LP just enough to get it flat without disturbing the audio grooves on the sides, then quickly cooling it to lock the new shape in place. Oh, and it's only $1,500!"

Related anecdote: We were on tour with the Misfits once, selling LP's on our merch table, somewhere in California. Kid comes up, picks up an LP and goes "Wow, this is a heavy calendar". We packed up the van, drove straight back to New York and all got jobs in banks. I mean, really, whats the point?

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